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More than 43,156 photos inside!

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We admit it.

We've ransacked the private photo albums of straight boys to bring you these photos
Stalking these lads for another year has revealed this latest batch of horny cock rearing initiation photos - Galleries 1897

- French lads – Finger lickin’ good!.

Watch the extra horny playful sessions of these excited French lads. All their pent up sexual tension has to go somewhere. The lads get down to their briefs for some serious teasing, groping and showing!

Stalking these lads for another year has revealed this latest batch of horny cock rearing initiation photos - Galleries 1897

- Stalking university rugby lads.

We lusted after this university rugby team’s horny exposed initiation last year that we had to go back for more. And they came up trumps again! We found their latest batch of hot photographs with their new and novel ways to degrade the newbies. They still make them naked but this time they have to drink beer through each other’s stinky rugby socks.

Big Danish dicks threatened with woody Stumps, hammers and nails! - Gallery 1862

- Hammer, nails and big Danish Dicks.

Joining this Danish rugby team has all you would expect from a horny Straight Lads initiation.

  • Drinking games
  • Stripping
  • Wet crotches

But see their sexy smiles waver when faced with a wooden stump, a hammer and a set of nails. Find out who drops their boxer shorts then!

Over 2000 galleries. Large & comprehensively thumbnailed galleries of regular straight boys' private lives

Stand up and take your drink like a man. A completely naked and horny man. See all these lads get their kits off! - Galleries 1886 - 1890

- Your drinking games invitation.

How would you like to spend five very horny and revealing nights with these raunchy British lads? Well here is your invite to see our increasingly intimate galleries dedicated to these very fit university rugby lads.

Join up and join them on their racy and naked nights out!

No need to put your running shoes on to catch up with the hot and sexy lads running naked inside Galleries 1188

- We go that extra mile for horny photos of straight lads.

Inside we have "Naked miles" and "Bun Runs" galore. And it's the real thing, as sexy studs strip off their clothes for very public and very naked runs around their campus, their dorms and the faculty buildings. Catch up with them inside now!

Creamy white rugby arses on show along with large  knobs – Gallery 1877, 1412 and 1474

- Sexy student rugby drinking games

We have been stalking this horny university rugby team for years. The latest batch of virile players has signed up for the game and is having some racy naked torment thrown in for good measure. Those black bin bags can’t hide their knobs for long!

You don’t need to sign up to the team to see all their hotness, just sign up below.

Scorched bums and flaming brown eyes are in store for these fresh arsed Scottish lads – Gallery 1872

- Flaming arsed Scottish lads

It’s going to be several nights of heavy drinking and sore bums for these Dunblane rugby lads. They are all dropping their trousers and baring their sexy rears for punishment in the drinking game “flaming arseholes”! Thankfully their dicks are kept safe, enough for them to be shown off in some kilt lifting action later!

Scorching hot straight lad asses under fire!

Speedos and thongs for these creamy faced rugby lads in a swim themed initiation. Watch out for floating cocks! – Gallery 1871

- Rugby lad’s swimming initiation.

No amount of pleading is going to save these raunchy lads! They are embarrassingly exposed, wearing only tight Speedos and thongs on a very public pub crawl. Then they’re subjected to dirty drinking games were they have to knee and rampantly suck a vile mix from a phallic pipe.

Save a meaty chunk of these hot lads for yourself!


Naked straightlad part were all the guys are letting it al lhang out! – Gallery 1867

- Balls of steel and big cocks to match.

We have lots of raunchy, sneaky shots of these horny Bristol bad boys. Then again at their all male stripped party we have lots of blatant cock shots too. These lads are definitely trying to impress someone. One lad has an amazing purple headed truncheon of a cock that will have your jaw dropping in awe!

Open wide and come on in.

Wet clinging pants and shorts with soaking wet cock to boot. – Gallery 1864

- Dirty Dutch stream dares.

Touring Paris, this Dutch football team are getting down and dirty in the woods! They are showing off their clinging wet and mucky briefs after being soaked in a muddy stream. After all that they are going to need to give their big and dirty dicks a good clean.

See them being hosed down inside!

Beer slobbering Dutch lads fres from the canal, though did they see all their mates cocks who were pissing over the sides of the barges? – Gallery 1853

- Filthy lads dredged up from dirty Amsterdam canals

Check out these soaking wet university lads we trawled up. They and their hot buddies are messing around in boats, barges and in the Amsterdam waterways.

This pair was too busy splashing with each other to notice all their mates’ cocks. But we noticed them, especially as they were pissing over the side into the same canal!

Rough, gruff and showing all their stuff. Heavy dicked dutch lads delving deep into their trousers and pulling their cocks free!  – Gallery 1850

- Join the heavy Dicked Dutch bachelor party!

These rough Dutch lads on a stag weekend aren’t just baring their manly chests. They are showing off their medal winning weighty cocks too!

Be just like one of the lads. Sign Up, grab a beer, release your cock and join in all the gruff fun!

I'd much rather be smoking on his long finely rolled dick!  – Gallery 1846

- Smoking hot German cock for you to gather around

Car rallies have never been so exciting or fun. But it will be the sleek and slender dicks on display that you will be watching and not the cars. This gallery of nudity is made even more raunchy by the fact all his mates watching remain fully clothed.

Watch him clean a dirty car with his naked writhing body!

And suck, and suck and suck untill that cock cums right out of its pants!  – Gallery 1845

- Ready to suck up some horny Dutch football cock?

See sexy big dicked Dutch lads put on show for the initiation into their football team. The camera gets really close to these guys, especially when one lad is pounced on by his mates and a sucking Hoover. He has his horny fore-skinned cock sucked right out of his pants to be photographed and kept forever.

Grab hold of him and his football buddies inside now!


Woof, Woof!  – Gallery 1842

- Tattooed college lads from Michigan with juicy dicks!

The dog’s got his eye on this hairy lad’s big tasty cock. You can almost see it drool as it’ held back from the juiciness. It just means all of the meatiness is left wide open for you to enjoy in full!

See more of this lad wandering around naked and his rugged buddies in their very own horny album!

Cock, Cock and even more cock with horny German footballers revealing all to their team-mates off the pitch! – Gallery 1836

- German sausage? No just German cock, cock, cock!

We have an extremely hot straight German football team for you. Want to see how well they work together even off the pitch? Their team bonding sessions are amazing and depraved when they are naked!

See their jam packed gallery full of chunky fore-skinned dicks to lust after.

Sexy creamed butts and beer guzzling cocks ready to be licked dry! – Gallery 1833

- Straight lads with arses spread and slurping cocks!

Would you buy a round of drinks for this sexy British lad and his mates? You would if you knew they were going to flop their thick dicks into those drinks.

Sign up and see them unzip. They are well worth creaming over!

This baying crowd don’t want blood. They just want these lads stuck up on stage and baring their naked bodies and cocks! – Gallery 1828

- Straight lads stripped to their socks for the crowd!

It’s most straight lad’s nightmare. Enjoying themselves in their favourite nightclub and then being dragged up on stage and told to “strip.” The very hot garcons found themselves not only stripped but flaunted in front of the other clubbers.

Watch them get into the swing of it and strip with gusto, to the howling approval of the crowd.


Don’t Hang around, Get your hands on these hot frat lads and their exposed cocks!  - Gallery1826.

- Haze yourself some hot fraternity lads.

It is hazing week at a Boston university. And these buff lads are scaring everyone off with their hairy asses and suckable cocks! They didn’t frighten us off though. We have all their exposed photos inside.

Don’t hang around grab these sexy lad’s today!

Walll to wall naked Italian lads piled up in a huge orgy of straight male flesh  - Galleries 1760 and 1761.

- Soaking wet and naked Dutch mates on tour!

Follow the very stripped exploits of this bunch of sexy and soaked Dutch lads. They are touring Europe and taking full advantage of all that the hotel rooms and facilities have to offer. Thankfully someone took along a camera to capture all their intimate moments and some of their big cocks!

Why not take full advantage of them and all the other horny straight lads on show!

A few pints in him, then some horny man on man wrestling and this lad is easily encouraged to whip out his gob-stopper of a cock. Galleries 1663 and 1665.

- Made to expose himself and his huge cock!

He thinks a great deal of his extra large dick and why not? But his mates are drumming some modesty into him by shaving his gonads and making him expose himself publicly.

But that's not all they have in store for this cocksure stud.

We have two raunchy galleries devoted to this straight hunk with his huge and entertaining cock and all that his buddies have in store for them!

Walll to wall naked Italian lads piled up in a huge orgy of straight male flesh  - Galleries 1760 and 1761.

- A raunchy pile up of hot naked Italian lads!

There's no room for shyness with these Modeno rugby lads around. They are filling the room with wall to wall naked flesh in one of the raunchiest initiations around.

Check out the huge nude pile up that has the cocks, feet, arses and even faces of these lads thrust into the most intimate and sweaty places of their mates!

Get naked and jump on too inside, but remember and leave your modesty at the sign up page.


Grab your cock like this guy and enjoy the horny, naked and bumpy ride. - Galleries 1412, 1473, 1474 and 1740.

- See them fail to protect their cocks from prying eyes

We have been following these hot bin bag wearing university lads for years now. And the latest crop of their sexy and vulnerable photographs have been swiped and uploaded inside. I feel like I know these lads from secretly spying on their most intimate and naked moments. It sometimes brings a tear to my eye but more importantly they bring a gush to my cock.

Grab yourself a piece of these horny lads inside now.


Cocks are scratched on rough upholstery in the latest sexy straight lad sport. Naked Coach Hurdles - Gallery 1733

- Nude Coach Hurdles!

It’s the latest and brilliantly sexy straight lads sport but it definitely won’t be in the next Olympics. Big horny lads competing against each other as they race completely naked across the seats of their coach.

So if you want more of their big dangling balls and flapping cocks then sign up below.


Delve deep into the sock and pant drawer of any straight lad and you never know what you will find. Like their most shameful cock dribbling holiday snaps that they don’t want anyone to see. - Gallery 1734

- Horny holiday photos exposed!

Want to see the straight lad holiday snaps that their relatives will never see? It’s those shameful nude snaps, with their plump cocks extended and teased towards their best mates, normally hidden at the bottom of their sock drawer.

We have raided them and gathered them here for you!

Get tipsy on the sweat tainted beer that needs to be sucked from their boxers and their sexy toned bodies! - Gallery 1711

- Beer soaked hotties that need to be licked dry!

A totally hot “Wet Boxers” competition has the cocks of these lads pressed against boxers drenched in beer. And they are becoming so wet that they are literally melting off their sexy arses and those squelching suckable dicks!

Massive balls of steel for these hardy English rugby lads made to take their kits off, anywhere and everywhere! - Gallery 1729

- Biggest straight lad balls in English rugby

And these lads definitely need those massive balls of steel, as they are ordered to strip off naked and expose themselves in public. No place is off limits; the local pub, their mate’s Jacuzzi and especially the very muddy club pitch.

Awesome and sexy lads facing their ultimate nightmare of a debauched and naked initiation over three naked nights - Galleries 1686, 1689, 1692 and 1698

- University lads undergoing the ultimate in naked initiations

Follow the three raunchy and fully stripped nights of humiliation endured by these horny university rugby lads. If they want to join the team they have to do everything their rugby seniors tell them, even if it culminates in a boozy, tight ripped, cock revealing orgy of nakedness. And sorry lads it does!

Four glorious galleries delivering you the ultimate in straightlad raunch as these horny lads strip, snog and just fall short of fucking on the dance floor - Galleries 1693 - 1696

- Stripping and no teasing for boozy bare-all rugby guys.

We are delivering you the raunchiest of straight lads in a team-bonding session gone totally crazy! Watch these sexy and truly big dicked Cheshire lads become closer with some naked “bar-diving”, full on snogging and major erotic public stripping!

If you want to handle these lads you are going to need two hands as they have quantity and quality!

They need a damn good towelling down and dont forget to get right in their soaking wet butt cracks! - Gallery 1659

- Debagged and horny Dutch Uni lads completely naked.

Dive inside now for the latest 2007 horny crop of Dutch varsity lads, totally stripped for an early spring dip. The waters maybe cold, but it doesn't show on these sexy lads, whose cocks remain plump and ripe. If you find yourself very wet after scrutinizing these naked lads you may have to borrow one of their towels!!

Stick your thumb out to hitch a lift with some NAKED and sexy American lads - who knows where your thumb might end up! - Gallery 1636

- American lads on a debauched and boozy road trip

Shift your gear into high and hitch a lift with these sexy American lads. But leave your clothes by the roadside as they are on a naked road trip. Some of their dicks are so chunky and long you might mistake them for the gear stick!

A HOT creamy load of horny 18 year old university lads with their large cocks on full public display

- The hottest and filthiest naked university lad's initiation

Joining the rugby team was meant to be a real laugh for these British university lads, but the photographs we pilfered of the night show their sullen faces drooping lower than their beer soaked cocks! Stripped of their clothes and their dignity these studs are hoping beyond hope that drinking more and more beer will help them forget the nights humiliating proceedings.

But you are going to remember these guys; with their nude filthy detail, their hot and sweaty bodies crammed up against each other, almost hearing their disgruntled sighs as they are given their debasing tasks!

A HOT creamy load of horny 18 year old university lads with their large cocks on full public display

- Super penis packed naked rugby initiation galleries

Public nudity at its best, with a brand new and major hard on inducing bunch of galleries filled with horny 18 year old university lads, on a totally nude rugby initiation. Hot off the press, these stunning photos have just been taken in the first few weeks of the October 2006 new university term.


Soaping up his big prick ready for his dirty cock close up - Gallery 1465

- Sports loving Italian lads Naked on the beach!

Check out these Italian lads that really love their sports and horsing around on the beach. They are playing football and swimming, all absolutely nude on their local beach! Even their unwilling buddies are dragged into it, wrestled to the ground they have their clothes forcibly removed, while having their debagging is totally all caught on their mates camera! Much, much more of them inside!

Soaping up his big prick ready for his dirty cock close up - Gallery 1465

- Highly promising lads from Prague soaping up their long pricks.

Check out hot college farmers from Prague, ploughing a furrow in their hands with their long soapy cocks. Back to nature, on a field trip they are supposed to be studying but instead are smashed on the local schnapps and stripping totally nude for their mate's camera!

- Straight lad stunners stripping in front of all their mates

These big, beefy and sinful British university rugby lads were pushed on stage and instructed to strip before their fellow students. Want to join the crowd and see all the debauched and naked antics the lads were up to? Sign up below.

- Birthday lads shamed into showing their bulbous cocks

It's the birthday party you definitely want an invitation too! With loads of horny big cocked straight university lads, stripped of their clothes and made to drink themselves into a vulnerable and stark bullock naked stupor. All of their crazy antics were caught on their mates' cameras and we went right in and nicked the filthy photographs from their student digs! Join their party inside now!

Soaping up his big prick ready for his dirty cock close up - Gallery 1465

- Used on their very first rugby tour

These lads had hardly stepped off the plane, back from their rugby tour, when I found their latest hot photographs! For some of these rugby lads it's their first time out of Britain. And naïvely they didn't expect to be so tipsy, debagged on some foreign rugby pitch or indeed taped, huddled together with their naked team-mate, to the goal post. Want to see more of them with arses and dicks on display and their mate with one sincerely long cock? Then come inside now.

Naked dirt pints drunk from commemorative boot

- Naked dirty pints drunk from commemorative boot

See that bloke with the camera in this photo? This is the sort of lad we make friends with. Once we're in his confidence all we need is one chance to get access to his private stash of photos and BAM! we copy the lot and put the filthiest on the internet.

Muscular lads in collars, cuffs and xtra-SMALL girls' thongs

- Muscular lads in collars, cuffs and xtra-SMALL girls' thongs.

Our World Wide insider knowledge of straight boy behaviour has uncovered mind-boggling scenes. ALL-MALE parties where younger lads are pressured into the perviest activities...only behind closed doors of course!

Horny French lads with their jeans around their ankles, as they are made to strip, stark bollock naked,  in a packed night club, by their mates - Gallery 1432

- Hot and fit French lads made to strip in a packed nightclub.

Guys that thought they were just on a lad's fun night out, heading to their local nightclub for some entertainment. Only to find out that their buddies had actually set them up as the entertainment, by making them strip for the crowd! They are exposing their big hairy arses and dancing around with their dicks flapping!

Arse, balls and cock laid bare on the cold piss covered bathroom tiles - Gallery 1133.

- Lad's birthdays which are more humiliating than happy.

French lads plied with drink on their birthdays until they are so tired they don't know what they are doing. They have their jeans yanked down in the toilets, while their arses are teased by tight cutting G-strings. And by the end of the night these lads all end up completely starkers in front of their mates, with their big dicks on show.

Unwrap these lads inside now!

Hungry for straight lad cock then satisfy your self on these meaty morsels - Gallery 1458

- Rugby Club Dinner Exposed!

Whet your appetite for some truly awesome high quality dick on big, toned university rugby lads.

Dinner for these lads means taking an item clothing off for every course and licking their plates clean as they lie on the floor with their trousers firmly round their ankles.

By no means are these blokes a rare delicacy, they are just the starter for the thousands of revealing meaty straight lads we have inside.

Private holiday snaps no one was ever meant to see

- Private holiday snaps no one was ever meant to see.

18 and 19 year old boys creeping around the youth hostel late at night, planning to surprise their friends.
Bet THEY'D be surprised if they knew where their nudey photos ended up!

Out-of-his-head toga party boy

- Out-of-his-head toga party boy

When they saw their little one off to University I wonder if his Mum & Dad thought he'd wind up plastered on a toilet floor, bedsheet up by his ears, legs apart with his teenage privates and fluffy hole on display?
Oh, and then all the photos got nicked and put on the internet for, shall we say, another more appreciative audience to examine.

Naked pull-ups on tour - Naked pull-ups on tour

The tour virgins, i.e. the youngest ones, have their clothes taken from them and have to perform naked pull-ups and other forfeits for the pleasure of the older boys.
You couldn't make it up!
tour virgin made to do naked pull ups
Hot, big arsed, muscular athletes, caught on the pot

- Hot, big arsed, muscular athletes, caught on the pot

One thing we've discovered that given the choice of photographing a boring landscape OR their mates having a crap, your common-or-garden straight boy will always choose one option. Crapper beats Taj Mahal every time. We've got stacks of examples of hot boys doing that most secret activity.
And doesn't he fucking love it?!

Pissing in yards of ale
-Pissing in yards of ale
-Straights are the REAL shirtlifters

Sorry boys but the truth is out. You heteros have only two things on your minds: each other's cocks and each other's bums - proof inside.
Straights are the REAL shirtlifters
Midnight at the service station, so let's get naked

- Midnight at the service station, so let's get naked!

Drunk returning from an away match. The rest of the team send out the rookies to get supplies. One condition: Must be done NUDE.

Drunken stag nights with big naked guys whipped and humiliated into submission - Gallery 408

- Big balled Sean's stag night

Big brawny guys humiliated down to size by strippers, wrapping them naked in cling film and whipping their arses!

Having to share a cheap hotel room, how do young men pass the time?

- Having to share a cheap hotel room, how do young men pass the time?

By taking pictures of themselves 'simulating' fucking each other of course.

Ever had to bed down in a sweaty crowded dorm?

- Ever had to bed down in a sweaty crowded dorm?

And woken up with unrecognisable fluids on your face? When lights are out there's always one mischief maker. Only this one's been caught in the act.
And they call US perverts!

Suck that cock boy. Just for a 'laugh'

- They sure know all the moves. Just for a 'laugh' you understand.

It's a free country and they could, if they wished, be spending their time with girls. But instead they prefer to get naked and/or place each other's dicks in their mates' mouths.

Hey I'm only telling it how it is fellas.

Cool cocks on big wet rocks with a beer in one hand and aching to grab their cocks in the others! - Gallery 424

- Join these big dicked straight lads heading back to the wilderness naked

It's what being a man is all about, back to nature with your mates, a beer in your hand and being totally stark bollock naked!

'pretending' to be sluts - My favourite.
Lads stripping each other on the coach and 'pretending' to be sluts.

Go inside those tour buses you pass on the motorway and see what those naughty bastards are REALLY getting up to.
Lads stripping each other on the coach and groping each other
Being made to drink all manner of fluids by the older boys while they photograph your naked ass

- Totally Nude? CHECK
- In a public toilet? CHECK
- Being made to drink all manner of fluids by the older boys while they photograph your naked ass? CHECK

Welcome to the University sports team!

Festival fun means stripping down and letting your cock rock to the music! - Gallery 420

- All the naked fun of the festivals

Uncovered is the name of the game, with hundreds of naked straight guys letting their hair down and their clothes drop off at their favourite music festivals. Let your cock start rocking too, inside.

Naked  boy attacking his friends in their dorm room

- Naked boy attacking his friends in their dorm room

* Gallery after gallery of young lads' holiday snaps - things they would NEVER do back home
...or the next morning!


Look out. Someone's brought a camera into the showers

- Look out. Someone's brought a camera into the showers!

It's alright. It's only the Coach. No one else is going see the photos apart from the team members.

Yeah right!

Late night skinny-dip at the camp site

- Late night skinny-dip at the camp site.

They're wet, they're naked, they're out of their skulls, and we've got their naked bods to wank over. Thanks lads.

Naked beer sliding. You always knew it went on didn't you

- Naked beer sliding. You always knew it went on didn't you?

Now see hundreds of startling photos from the inside. The raucous hords of up-for-it young men pouring beer all over the dirty floor, stripping their pals naked and then throwing them across the room like bowling balls.

Bollock naked Kegger Parties

- International initiations where lads get their first experience of college life, by being stripped and humiliated in front of their mates!

* Naked bungee running
* Cruel Frat Hazing
* Bollock naked Kegger Parties
* Spring Break dirty secrets
* Sportsteam 'virgins' nude initiations

The photos the University wanted to BAN - The photos the University wanted to BAN

Kill-joy Universities want to stop hazing and definately want to stop photos escaping. Tough luck suckers! It's still going on and WE have the photos to prove it. 18 year old boys stripped naked, made to swallow noxious substances at the behest of the older lads. This photo is from a collection taken early 2006, see the rest inside.
sticking their dicks in their mates’ faces

- Have you ever wanted to do this to one of your mates? Me too. And we're clearly not the only ones

They’re tipsy and desperate for a piss and taking their cocks out at every opportunity. See them sticking their dicks out of the window, in beer jugs and in their mates’ faces.

You're not looking at our private photos are you?

- "You're not looking at our private photos are you?"

Don't worry lads, your secrets are safe with me. Ho ho!

* NOT models
* NOT even amateurs!
The photos in this site were never made for others to see.

Stranded naked on the bus tour

- Stranded naked on the bus tour

What they get up to when they're sure NO ONE is looking would make your jaw drop!

* The photos they regret the next day and try to have destroyed. Too late guys!

A family holiday resort is invaded by a rabble of naked teenage rugby players

- A family holiday resort is invaded by a rabble of naked teenage rugby players

"Would you mind not stripping naked around the pool and drinking a beer bong from your room on the second floor through an old hose. It's only 2pm and you're disturbing my wife."

Todger out on his mate's shoulder

- At last. A nice photo of some well behaved young men at a smart Christmas party

But, oh dear, have you seen what that naughty boy is doing with his todger?

Prettiest arse award

- Did you know that straight boys give each other awards for the best looking ARSE!

Oh yes. It's all coming out now. They all pretend to read lads' mags full of the '100 best looking women of all time' or some old hetero-fraud but we all know it's a wafer-thin front. They much prefer each other and WE have acres of evidence.

Naked Bar! Really pissed off rugby blokes, only going along with the embarrassment because they want to be a part of the team and assured that no one else would ever see the pictures! Young straight cocks from wall to wall
Wank over these naked twats and they won't have a fucking clue!

- Naked lads as far as the eye can see

* Inhibitions are thrown away as guys strip in public for the first (and probably the last) time.

* Absolutely NO fakes and NO traditional porn. Look no further, this is the site for you.

So how do you get to see the pictures and what's the catch?

This is a membership site so not only can we keep out kids who shouldn't see a grown penis, hairy ass or lads making idiots of themselves but we can earn enough to investigate and uncover the pictures - now and in the future.

Joining costs just $39.95 for 30 days. Thereafter you get the reduced cost of $34.95.

Ready to join the club? Just click SIGN-UP below. After you have filled in the sign-up page you are then given the opportunity to choose your own password. Then you're in.

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